Dads become less stressed for your family

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Do you find It's too easy to find yourself stressed at work, is this affecting your performance in the workplace. Are you taking this stress home and is it affecting your home life?

There are simply a multitude of reasons we become stressed which is precisely what makes it so damn tricky to break. Perhaps you've tried before, yet found you just couldn't stick it out... join the club, you're certainly not alone there.

Stress however, can be broken by a proven formula. My process involves no patches, needles or drugs and the success rate is phenomenal.

I don't need to talk about the problems of de-stressing. If you're reading this you're already well aware of them and I can only assume you are looking for help to become a less stressed dad.

How would you like to change this?

Benefits of becoming a less stressed


De-stressing is one of the best things you will ever do for your health. It can affect your life in ways you may not even imagine. Here are some new problems that you will have

  • Spending more eating out at better restaurants as you can enjoy your food more as your sense of taste and smell has improved.
  • Spending more time on fitness as exercising will become easier for you.
  • You will look and come across better with a more relaxed outlook
  • The problems that come with new kids as your libido levels improve.
  • Improved sleep will give you more energy
  • Improved relationships at work and at home

Start planning for a healthier and wealthier future!

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This programme aims to get you to become a  non-smoker and doing so change your life. You will be more effective in your role as a father and partner and also in the workplace.

 We will be using tools such as hypnosis, NLP, BE-DO-HAVE to break your habit of smoking and install new healthier habits.

This programme has an investment of $900, to put this into perspective this equates to around 30 packs in Australia for 6 sessions!! 

There are additional payment plans available.


These non invasive tools are proven to be successful for people that fail using other methods. Different people have different success rate to hypnotherapy and similar tools and on the basis of this I insist that if after 30 days you see no decrease in your smoking then I will return the full cost to you in full or credit you for ongoing coaching sessions should you so wish.


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are educational and self-improvement processes that facilitate access to internal resources that assist people in solving problems, increasing motivation or altering behaviour patterns to create positive change.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not the practice of medicine, psychology or psychiatry, and are not in any way intended to be a replacement or substitute for diagnosis or treatment of any complaint or ailment. Richard Chan does not practice medicine or psychotherapy and his services are not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment. No service or product is intended to treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition.

*Persons with an ailment or physical complaint are to see their physician first for treatment, and make use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy as an adjunct to medical treatment. Persons with mental disabilities or mental illnesses should seek psychiatric care. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy employ and teach skills for self-improvement; therefore their effectiveness depends on the client and no guarantee can be made regarding the results of their use.