Balancing your work with your children ?

Pre-industrial age – families were poor but worked together, man and child in the fields bonding. Kids playing in the village together, neighbours pitching in.

Industrial age – men went to work in the factories, children helped out in places such as the coal pits, the family unit became a little more broken, however the family was a bit richer. The family came together in the evenings, played games and conversed (no internet)

Information age – The fathers are in better healthier jobs but working longer hours, the internet allows home working meaning the effective working day is longer than it should be. The kids are on screens with their “virtual friends”, dads miss the evening dinner with their kids and barely make it back in time to put the kids to bed, though the family is now wealthier.

Progress – making us more wealthy but at what cost ? Get in touch if this resonates with you

Men: Don’t be afraid to express vulnerability

Guys, we have been brought up with BE STRONG, BIG BOYS DON’T CRY, STIFF UPPER LIP. We have to be the strong provider for the family, the “front” of the family.

What this means is that we tend to build a brick wall that is painted and perfectly pointed, looks strong to the outside world. However if we look at what’s behind the wall that we have put up then we see a garden full of weeds, the path is overgrown and the wall is in fact a brick veneer, attached to a rotting wooden fence that is eventually going to fall down

We need to be vulnerable, we need to show people what is behind the wall that we have put up then people will notice the weeds and offer to help us bring the garden back to how it should be.

We are then strong inside and out.